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Painless Lancing Device (Dr. Odin)

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The Dr. Odin Painless Lancing Device is a market leader that helps you obtain small amounts of capillary blood for testing. The advanced finger stick also includes the diabetic lancing device. The lancing device is advanced and is adjustable for up to five depths. It also has a comfortable trigger button which when pressed will gently prick your skin and will go in-depth as adjusted. The ergonomic design, 5 depth adjustments, precise linear sliding motion, comfortable grip, and smart mechanism help it to be a leading product in its market segment.

Dr. Odin Painless Lancing Device Features

Brand Dr.Odin
Name Painless Lancing Device (Dr. Odin)
Depth Adjustment 5 depth levels
Colour White
Measuring time Around 5 seconds

Benefits of Use Painless Lancing Device

  • Adjustable up to 5 depth levels
  • Universal Style 
  • Easy to use 
  • Less painful
  • Strong grip
  • Adjustable depths
  • Easily disposable
  • Pain-free testing
  Purpose of using Dr. Odin Painless Device The Painless Lancing Device helps you hold a lancet firmly, and when triggered, moves the lancet linearly ahead to prick the skin in a controlled manner, thus, allowing you to obtain a minute quantity of capillary blood for testing.  


How many levels of adjustments is provided in the lancing device? You can adjust it up to 5 levels What makes this lancing device special?  You can easily use it and is also less painful.  

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