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GLUNEO LITE 100 Test Strips (2x50 Pack)

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The Gluneo Lite Blood glucose 100 test strips are an easy and convenient way of checking your blood sugar levels in the comfort of one’s own home. You need not rush to the hospital every time you need to check your glucose level. These test strips are available in the pack of 100, in 2 compact vials of 50 strips each. Each strip is for only single usage. It is suitable for patients and old aged people. You can check your glucose level regularly to keep it under control.

Gluneo Lite Blood Glucose Test Strips Features

Brand Name GluNeo Lite
Name Easy Touch Blood Glucose Test Strip
Count 2x50 strips bottles
Measuring Range 20-600mg/dl
Compatible with GluNeo Lite Glucometer only
Suitable for Medical and Personal Purposes
Manufacturer Osang Healthcare (Infopia)
Free One Glucometer with Purchasing Gluneo Lite 5 or 10 Strips Pack   

Benefits of Using Gluneo lite Test Strips:

  • Helps you in keeping your blood sugar level under control by facilitating regular checkup.
  • Accurate results with just a drop of blood.
  • Compatible with GluNeo Lite Glucometer.
  • Suitable for both medical and personal usage.
  • Carry it anywhere while travelling.


Q:1 What do GluNeo Glucose Test Strips do? Ans: Calculate your blood sugar level with just a drop of blood sample. Q:2 What are the directions for usage Gluneo Lite blood Glucose Test Strips 100? Ans:
  • Insert the single usage strip into the GluNeo Lite Glucometer.
  • Apply a drop of blood to the tip of the strip.
  • Results will be displayed on the screen.
  • Use the strips within 6 months of opening the vials first.
Q:3 What is the Purpose of using GluNEO Blood test strips? Ans: Check your glucose level and keep a tab on your blood sugar levels using these test strip.  

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Customer Reviews

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ronak nahata

GLUNEO LITE 100 Test Strips (2x50 Pack)

Nitish Tiwari

strips are working good and of nice qualty


gluneolite is excellent quality strips, as a doctor i also recommend this


test strips are nice

Sachin Deshpande

test strips ordered is fine