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AccuSure Gold 50 Test strips (25x2)

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AccuSure Gold 50 (2 x 25) Test Strips are specially made for busy people and for those who are always on the go. These test strips are scientifically made to get faster and accurate results by just touching the end of the strip with the drop of blood. It draws blood in automatically and lets the glucometer calculate the result. It is suitable for old aged people and patients. These single-use strips are compatible with the Dr. Gene AccuSure Gold Meter Blood Glucose Monitor.

AccuSure Gold 50 Test strips Features

Brand Name AccuSure
Name  Gold 25+25 Test strips (50) Strips
Model/Product Code EHL-GENE2
Compatible With Dr. Gene AccuSure Gold Meter Blood Glucose Monitor
Number of Test Strips 25+25
Technology No Coding
Weight 49 g
Blood Sample Required 1.4 µl
Manufacturer Microgene

Benefits of Using AccuSure Gold Test strips:

  • Use the test strips at the convenience of your own home.
  • No need to rush to a hospital in times of emergencies.
  • Total 50test strips are provided.
  • The ‘No Coding’ technology makes it easy to use.
  • Get accurate results using just 1.4 µl of blood.
  • Get high precision with these noble metal electrode strips


Q:1 What does the AccuSure Test Strips do? Ans: This allows you to use the glucometer to find your blood sugar level. Q:2 How to use AccuSure Gold 50 Test Strips? Ans:
  • Insert the strip into the glucometer.
  • Let the blood drop flow into the strip.
  • Get your results in 5 seconds.
Q:3 What is the purpose of using Accusure Test strips? Ans: Helps to keep a tab on your blood sugar level from time to time.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Poonam Kumar


Rinku Soni

I haven't had any issues with the product, but it's reassuring to know that AccuSure provides excellent customer support should I need assistance

Veena Devi

These test strips are designed for my specific glucometer model, making them a perfect fit and saving me from any compatibility issues

Rajat Sharma

The AccuSure Gold Test Strips have consistently provided accurate blood glucose readings, which is essential for managing diabetes effectively